Versilia Marmi

Today Versilia Marmi is the owner of Cava Faniello , from which the Arabescato Faniello marble is extracted, and the shared owner of Cava Faeto , from which the Calacatta Monet, the Calacatta Fiorito and the Calacatta Viola are extracted.

The company also quarries a good part of the production from the Apuan Vagli Cooperative(Arabescato Vagli, Venato Vagli, Calacatta Mezza Macchia, Grigio Perla) and the Condomini Levigliani Cooperative (Arabescato Corchia and the Venato Corchia).

Only the best of the apuo-versilian production of Venato, Arabescato and Calacatta marbles. We extract blocks and slabs of marble of the finest quality and market them all over the world, some of these are unique as they come from company owned quarries.

Our story

Versilia Marmi was founded in 2005 on the initiative of the two partners Vannucci Lorenzo and Mani Alessandro.

Their twenty years of experience in close contact with quarrymen, respecting their rhythms and needs, and becoming part of MAC srl (belonging to Turba Luigi and Turba Cristina) has allowed them to specialise in the marketing of  Venato, Arabescato and Calacatta Marbles.

The company immediately became one of the most dynamic companies in their field and, before long, became a real point of reference in the sector.

15 years of experience

An intricate knowledge of materials, a sense of responsability and professionalism in all areas, are all requirements that Versilia Marmi has consolidated over the years. This experience has made Versilia Marmi able to satisfy even the most demanding customers’ requests.


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Our mission

Our added value, the quality of the marble of the apuo-versilian area, makes this material unique in the world.

Transmitting and giving our customers a reason to appreciate this value as a means to guarantee their full satisfaction has always been the main purpose of our work. Continuous research into new technologies, respecting the environment and the safety of workers are our priorities.

Marble processing

The marble extracted from the quarries is transported to our yard in Avenza (Carrara), ready to be sold in blocks.

It is also sold in slabs in the Apuana Lavorati srl sawing and processing plant, located in Camporgiano (Lucca), of which we are joint owners (partners).

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